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Why Anxiety Symptoms Linger And Travel Within The Body

Understanding the Health Anxiety Healing Process

Welcome to the Journey of Healing

Welcome to the Health Anxiety Podcast show, proudly brought to you by TheAnxietyGuy.com . I am Dennis Simsek, your guide on this transformative journey, as we navigate the intricate path of the health anxiety healing process and discover the anxiety symptoms to look for.

Why Anxiety Symptoms Linger And Travel Within The Body

Navigating Fear to Knowledge, Learning the Anxiety Symptoms

Together, we will embark on a journey of healing, dedicated to replacing fear with knowledge and transforming uncertainty into strength. Our destination is a healthier mindset and a more fulfilling life. So, let’s take the first step together. Let’s go.

The Power of the Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is the key to this journey. It acts as a beacon, attracting clarity, epiphanies, and answers. In dealing with anxiety symptoms, there’s a need to adopt a patient approach. Allowing the answers to come to us rather than forcefully pursuing them mentally.

Building Trust, Faith, and Understanding

In these moments of waiting, we are not idle; we are actively building trust, faith, and understanding. It’s a process that shapes our relationship with ourselves and our comprehension of why our bodies respond the way they do. We are laying the foundation for a profound shift.

The Purpose: Changing How You Feel

Why are you here on this journey? The core purpose is to change the way you feel. The journey is an invitation to redirect your focus away from anxiety, turning it towards the beauty of the life you are living at this very moment.

Trust the Process, Embrace the Transformation

As we dive into the realms of health anxiety healing, trust the process. Embrace the transformation that awaits you. The path may be challenging but with the right mindset. It becomes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Let’s walk this path together.

Table of Contents

#1 Isolation Purposes: The First Reason for Lingering Anxiety Symptoms

Understanding the Protective Nature of Anxiety Symptoms

Number one reason for why anxiety symptoms tend to linger is isolation purposes. Oh my goodness, my friends. This one hit me like a… Big bag of bricks many years ago.

The Protective Shield of Anxiety Symptoms

Isolation purposes serve as a protective shield. The anxiety symptoms are there to guard against the judgments of others and shield individuals from new, unfamiliar experiences. As you reflect on your life, consider if you’re distancing yourself from people and avoiding novel situations. This is not accidental; rather, these anxiety symptoms stemming from your inner child are rooted in past experiences. Possibly ancestral trauma, existing for protective reasons.

Your Body’s Anxiety Symptom Protective Role

Your body doesn’t hate you. Life doesn’t hate you. God doesn’t hate you. Your body is simply there to protect you from what it believes may be threatening to you. Yes, it’s there because of isolation purposes. Your inner child believes that staying in safe environments for extended periods ensures nothing can go wrong. However, if the anxiety symptoms are suddenly taken away, and you expose yourself to new social circles, experiencing the judgments and criticisms of others, it becomes a perceived threat to your social and physical well-being. Hence, these anxiety symptoms persist due to isolation purposes.

Connection and Resonance

Does this resonate with you? If it does, I want you to comment below, right now. Share your thoughts and experiences with isolation-driven anxiety symptoms.

#2 Preserving Old Lessons: The Second Reason for Lingering Symptoms

Lessons Embedded Within Anxiety Symptoms

The second reason for why your anxiety symptoms tend to linger is to preserve old lessons. It’s a captivating concept—symptoms persisting to retain the wisdom gained from less-than-pleasant past experiences.

Representations of Past Experiences

For the sake of preservation, anxiety symptoms serve as representations of not-so-pleasant past experiences. Your body holds a belief that if the symptom disappears, you might forget about what happened, what happened to you. The power in this lies in the fact that these symptoms are deeply embedded within lessons—lessons from your past, lessons from your childhood, lessons from past traumatic experiences when you were overwhelmed.

The Fear of Forgetting

If the symptom goes away, the inner child fears that you’ll forget about these valuable lessons. Forgetting, it believes, could lead to repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Your body, in its unconditional love for you, provides these anxiety symptoms as reminders of past experiences and lessons that are crucial to retain.

Reframing for Transformation Anxiety Symptoms

However, it’s important to note that you won’t forget about these lessons. Putting your heart into reframing practices can be transformative. By showing the body a new perception of past events, you can alter its understanding. Consistent efforts in reframing practices lead the body to believe that creating these anxiety symptoms is no longer necessary.

The Power of Perceptions and Belief Systems

Perceptions and belief systems play a pivotal role. When your beliefs change at a heart level, and you grasp the art of communicating with the subconscious mind through daily reframing practices, anxiety symptoms lose their foothold. They no longer have a reason to persist.

Making Sense of Isolation and Preservation

As you can see, isolation purposes and preservation over past lessons intertwine. Is this starting to make sense to you? I hope so. Understanding these mechanisms provides insights into the intricate ways anxiety manifests and lingers. Share your thoughts and reflections below.

#3 Keeping Focus on the Physical: The Third Reason for Lingering Symptoms

Unmasking the Protective veil of Anxiety Symptoms

The third reason for the persistence of anxiety symptoms lies in keeping focus on the physical, preventing underlying emotions from surfacing in consciousness.

The Kindness of Anxiety Symptoms Sufferers

Let me tell you something about anxiety sufferers—they are kind, friendly, and tend to suppress everything. Ideas, behaviors, identity, feelings, and emotions are often held back as they navigate life based on the expectations of others. Does this sound like you?

The Deeper Understanding

To comprehend why anxiety symptoms linger, it’s crucial to recognize that the inner child, if allowed, sends a message to continue focusing on the physical aspects—the symptoms. This perpetuates a belief that expressing emotions, feelings, rage, blame, guilt, and even fear is undesirable. At its core, this mechanism is grounded in protection.

Transforming the Relationship with the Body’s Anxiety Symptoms

Years of assisting individuals through programs and sessions have revealed that when the relationship with the body transforms, everything changes—perceptions, behaviors, identities. Yet, each day, unconsciously, individuals wake up, look in the mirror, and criticize themselves. This constant self-critique is akin to slamming one’s face into a wall throughout the day, devoid of positive feedback or gratitude.

Changing Perspectives of Anxiety Symptoms

The challenge presented is to change perspectives on what these anxiety symptoms truly signify. It’s an invitation to go beyond the physical, beyond habitual approaches to treat the body and symptoms. The call is to transcend anxiety and allow the clarity gained from this insight to guide towards profound understanding.

Trusting What You Already Know

You, as an anxiety expert, possess invaluable knowledge about anxiety disorders, particularly your own. If someone came to you with a similar problem, you would likely provide the best advice. However, there’s a disconnect—doubt in trusting what you already know. Trusting this knowledge makes decision-making easy, eliminating dizziness and depersonalization. Life becomes fluid, rhythmic.

Implementing Clarity into Your Life

Understand these three reasons for the lingering of anxiety symptoms. Take the clarity gained and implement it into your life, starting today. This is not just important but also powerful because you are more than anxiety. Never forget it. With much love, goodbye.

Closing Thoughts and Resources for Further Support

Gratitude for Joining the Health Anxiety Journey

Thank you so much for being part of another powerful episode of the Health Anxiety Podcast show. Your presence is valued, and I encourage you to subscribe to ensure you never miss another insightful episode, released every Saturday morning PST time.

Embracing Support on Your Journey

Remember, you’re not alone on this journey. There are resources available to provide the support you need. If you’re seeking a comprehensive program to overcome health anxiety permanently, explore the Health Anxiety Program at https://dennissimsek.com/anxiety-programs/#health-anxiety-program . It’s a step-by-step program meticulously designed to empower you with the necessary tools and strategies to regain control over your health, mental well-being, and your life.

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Delving into Written Wisdom

For those who find solace in the written word, I have authored impactful books available on Amazon. In these books, I share my wisdom and experiences to guide you towards a life free from the grips of anxiety.

A Reminder of Your Strength

Thank you once again for tuning in. Always remember that you are more than anxiety. Within you lies the will, the strength, and the insights needed to overcome this challenge. As we part ways, I look forward to connecting with you in the next episode. Until then, goodbye for now. Bye. Bye.


  1. I keep reading reframing past traumas..i haven’t had childhood trauma..i struggle to know what it is i must reframe

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