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best-selling author
host of The Anxiety Guy podcast
and a prominent figure on YouTube

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As a worldly recognized authority in anxiety recovery and spiritual development, Dennis has been the bridge that has helped thousands of anxiety sufferers move from inner suffering to inner peace.
Dennis’s decision to embrace roles such as hypnotherapist, spiritual development guide, and CBT and NLP Specialist instead of a traditional therapist or counselor was fueled by the realization that anxiety coaching involves an intimate partnership, focusing deeply on the individual's life journey.

Each anxiety story is different, therefore an empathetic approach coupled with a wealth of skill sets is what separates Dennis’s approach from others who still believe in a one size fits all approach to anxiety healing.

This holistic and action-based approach, distinct from talk therapy, has proven to yields faster results, aligning with Dennis’s own remarkable anxiety recovery journey.

This approach is exemplified in all of Dennis’s anxiety recovery programs, personal Coaching + sessions, and virtual events.

Dennis’s mission is to guide you from perceiving the world as a threat to cultivating a daily sense of calm and gratitude. Recognize that setbacks are inherent in every journey, and Dennis’s commitment is to reveal how you can identify the root causes of your anxiety and transform your perspective for good.
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