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Should You Get That Persistent Anxiety Symptom Checked, Or Not?


What a predicament for so many health anxiety sufferers today. Should you get that persistent anxiety symptom checked, or should you leave it alone? Let’s dive into this topic.

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The Dilemma of Persitent Health Anxiety

Friends, welcome to another episode of the Health Anxiety Podcast Show. I’m your host, Dennis Simsek, and today we are diving deep into whether you should get that bodily sensation or symptom checked out or not.

The Limbo of Decision

What a limbo it is where so many bewildered, confused health anxiety sufferers find themselves. Should I get this symptom checked or not? It seems new, and it could be dangerous if I leave it alone. Maybe it’ll get worse. If I get it checked, will I be falling back into the trap of my unconscious mind playing tricks on me? Round and round we go.

I’ve been there. I remember those dark days. I remember never being present with my environment, but rather always being fixated on what my body was doing. The interesting thing is when you overly focus and provide energy to a specific part of your body, that body part will start to do things. It’ll start to jump, vibrate, or become sore. It’s a worry-filled checking in, not a grateful one.

The Root of Indecision

This indecision is a result of needing certainty in one’s life more than the exaggerated concern over a potential health issue. When you come to a peaceful place that acknowledges your sensation or symptom might be connected to emotional overload, past trauma, fixation, or stress, you soon find yourself focusing on another potential danger in another part of your body.

What are we really looking for? Are we truly concerned about our physical health, or are we seeking certainty in our lives? Many health anxiety sufferers had a very wobbly and uncertain childhood, leading them to seek certainty in everything later in life.

Accepting Imperfection

You can get to a place where you are 110% certain that you can live joyfully and healthily, even if your body isn’t perfect. This mindset is the deciding factor for the amount of abundance you live with daily. Accepting that your body, thoughts, and emotional state don’t have to be perfect is key. Embrace the ebb and flow of these things. Accept the rollercoaster of emotions, sensations, symptoms, and intrusive thoughts.

The Power of Reflection

Reflect on your past. Notice mental, emotional, behavioral, and imaginative patterns. By recognizing these patterns, you become less fixated on old persistent anxiety related habits. You’re ready to be empowered and live with an imperfect body.

Reducing Fixation

When you have this approach, you’re no longer adding logs to the fire. As long as you’re not adding more fixation on sensations, second-guessing your health, or lunging for certainty, you start to respect the changes that come with life.

The mental limbo between anxiety symptom and structural issue is what your unconscious mind wants. It loves turmoil, chaos, and hypervigilance. This is because there’s a need to protect from potential danger. However, the unconscious mind also loves staying in a familiar emotional state, even if it’s extreme stress.

Embracing Change

Your persistent anxiety sensations and symptoms are asking you, “What do we think? How do we perceive? Who are we today?” When you keep reacting with fear, the unconscious mind stays in its old patterns. It takes courage and a willingness to be somebody else, even in the face of sensations and symptoms.

Stages of Healing

The characteristics of your anxiety symptoms will shift depending on your healing stage. Initially, you might have experienced panic attacks or anxiety attacks. Over the years, your sensations and symptoms might have acted differently, but they haven’t killed you. They may have sucked the life out of certain aspects of your life, but they haven’t destroyed you.

As you progress in your healing journey, you’ll notice a shift, especially when you start identifying with no longer being a sufferer or a victim. You allow symptoms to be there without identifying with them. This is a beautiful stage to reach, as many people going through my programs have experienced.

The Decision: To Check or Not to Check?

Should you get that persistent anxiety related sensation or symptom checked or not? It depends on which mind you decide to listen to. Your unconscious mind will always say to get it checked to keep you in a frantic state. The conscious mind, however, will remind you that you’ve been down this road before. You already know the answer to what you’re about to get checked, but you’re searching for certainty.

Breaking the Cycle

Doctors and nurses are authority figures, and their words can feel like law. However, seeking constant reassurance is like taking a shower only to get dirty again. Eventually, you need to break this cycle and stop playing this game.

My friends, I know you’re going to make the right decision for you at the right time in your healing journey. Check the link in the description of this podcast and join me in the Health Anxiety Program. Remember, you are more than anxiety.


Thank you for joining me today. I hope this episode has provided clarity and reassurance on whether to get that persistent anxiety symptom checked. If you’re enjoying this podcast, please subscribe and give it a positive rating and review. Don’t forget to check out the original Anxiety Guy podcast on iTunes, with new episodes airing every Monday morning, Pacific Standard Time. Remember, you are more than anxiety. See you in the next episode.

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