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How To Successfully Beat Health Anxiety

If you’ve been wondering how to successfully recover from health anxiety, today is the day we make things clear for you. We will open up the path of healing and move towards true and lasting health anxiety recovery. Let’s go.

How To Successfully Beat Health Anxiety


Welcome to the number one health anxiety podcast with Dennis Simsek. Dennis shares crucial lessons on health anxiety that have worked to heal thousands worldwide over the past 15 years. This podcast is sponsored by the Health Anxiety Recovery Program, designed specifically for you to get to the root causes of your health anxiety and begin finding freedom from your mental and physical symptoms starting today. Visit theanxietyguy.com under health anxiety to start the program today and enjoy today’s episode with Dennis.

Mental Strategies for How To Successfully Beat Health Anxiety

Adopting an Attitude of Disinterest

To successfully beat health anxiety, you must become completely disinterested in the catastrophic ideas surrounding your health. By adopting an attitude of disinterest, you are pulling energy away from the initial fear and moving towards surrender and allowance. This shift helps to create clarity and brings you to a place of inner bliss.

Letting Go of Ego Defensiveness

Your ego will naturally create defensiveness because you have been living in a familiar, safe place of health anxiety for so long. The key is to understand how to successfully navigate this defensiveness and not allow it to control your approach to healing. Think of it like distancing yourself from a toxic relationship – the pain and confusion are temporary, and over time, you become disinterested and move on.

Emotional Strategies for How To Successfully Beat Health Anxiety

Releasing Pent-Up Energy

Emotionally, you no longer succumb to the feeling of being wired. Yes, your feelings may scream out potential danger, but you are not what you feel. You can learn how to successfully release this pent-up energy through conscious movement of the body or breath, or by practicing surrender through silence, meditation, and rest. Avoid getting stuck in the middle, where you are rigid and fixated on your body’s sensations.

Practicing Gratitude for Your Body

When discussing how to successfully beat health anxiety, it’s important to speak only of your gratitude for your body. Anxiety symptoms are your body’s way of recognizing that your stress bucket is full. By expressing gratitude for your body’s efforts to protect you, you send signals of safety to your unconscious mind, helping to dissipate fear.

Behavioral Strategies for How To Successfully Beat Health Anxiety

Living Authentically

Live authentically as if a switch has been turned on and you’ve received permission to be a new character. This doesn’t mean faking it until you make it. Instead, it means embracing a new, lighter role in life. Like an actor changing roles, move from a dramatic film to a comedy, embodying lightness and ease.

Staying on Top of Your Words

Words are commands to your unconscious mind. Speak only of your gratitude for your body and avoid negative talk about your symptoms. Your body is not your enemy; it’s been trying to get your attention for a long time, and now you are finally responding.


To put it all together, remember that successful health anxiety recovery involves mental, emotional, and behavioral strategies. Mentally, adopt an attitude of disinterest in catastrophic thoughts. Emotionally, release pent-up energy or practice surrender, and express gratitude for your body. Behaviorally, live authentically and stay mindful of your words.

Focus on what part of this episode speaks to you and write it down. Intuitively, that is what you need to focus on for your recovery. You don’t have to implement everything at once – start with what resonates most with you.

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Remember, you are more than anxiety. I’ll see you soon.

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