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Can Hypnosis Alleviate Health Anxiety For Good?

Understanding Hypnosis for Health Anxiety

I’ve been receiving numerous questions lately about hypnosis: “Dennis, can hypnosis alleviate health anxiety? Can it help me with my symptoms? Can it change the way I think, my emotional states, and transform me as a whole?” The quick answer is yes. Hypnosis can alleviate health anxiety. If you’re ready to start.

Can Hypnosis Alleviate Health Anxiety For Good?

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The Mechanism of Hypnosis

Hypnosis Alleviate subconscious mind

Hypnosis’s Involvement of the Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis removes the conscious mind, or thinking and analyzing mind, and allows the person to speak directly with the subconscious mind. When you communicate directly with your subconscious mind, you begin to notice which subconscious programs are running beneath the hood in your mind and body, which core beliefs are constantly sabotaging your recovery, and which memories are stored in your mind and body that are affecting you in terms of hypnosis relieving health anxiety today.

The Conscious and Subconscious Mind’s Role

During hypnosis, the conscious mind, which frequently overthinks and analyzes everything, is set aside. This brings the subconscious mind to the forefront. The subconscious mind controls many of our instinctive behaviors, firmly held ideas, and stored emotions. Hypnosis, by reaching this portion of the mind, aids in the identification of hidden programs that control your ideas and behaviors.

Recognizing Negative Fundamental Beliefs

During hypnosis, the conscious mind, which frequently overthinks and analyzes everything, is set aside. This brings the subconscious mind to the forefront. The subconscious mind controls many of our instinctive behaviors, firmly held ideas, and stored emotions. Hypnosis, by reaching this portion of the mind, aids in the identification of hidden programs that control your ideas and behaviors.

Re-framing and Releasing

Hypnosis provides a pathway to reframe these negative beliefs, release the emotional charge from past traumas, and develop new, healthier patterns of thinking. This deep level of work is crucial for overcoming health anxiety because it tackles the root causes rather than just the symptoms.

Modifying the Way Symptoms Are Seen

As you progress through hypnosis, you start to notice a shift in how you perceive your symptoms. They may become less threatening, and your overall anxiety levels decrease. This shift is significant because changing the perception of your symptoms can lead to a significant reduction in anxiety and an improved quality of life.

Rewriting the Internal Script

By engaging with the subconscious mind, hypnosis allows you to rewrite the internal script that has been fueling your health anxiety. This transformative process can lead to lasting change, helping you move from a state of constant worry to one of calm and control.

Difficulties with Hypnosis and Health Anxiety

letting go to Hypnosis Alleviate

The Need for Control and Reassurance

There is a challenge, and it’s a big one. People with health anxiety have a dire need for control, reassurance, and to feel safe. These recurring symptoms of anxiety don’t allow them to feel safe. Sometimes, they get to a much better place in their lives, feeling symptom-free and good. However, they get uncomfortable with what has been foreign, which disrupts their recovery.

Struggle for Control

Individuals with health anxiety often have an overwhelming desire for control. This need manifests in various ways, such as constantly monitoring symptoms, seeking frequent reassurance from others, and avoiding situations that might trigger anxiety. The persistent quest for control can create a cycle of anxiety, making it difficult to break free from the condition.

The Illusion of Safety

Feeling safe is crucial for those dealing with health anxiety. However, the constant anxiety symptoms disrupt this sense of safety. Even during periods when symptoms subside, the fear of their return can create discomfort and unease. This paradox can make recovery feel elusive and fleeting.

The Discomfort of Symptom-Free Periods

When people with health anxiety experience symptom-free periods, it can ironically lead to discomfort. They become so accustomed to living with anxiety that its absence feels unfamiliar and unsettling. This discomfort can trigger self-sabotaging behaviors, undermining the progress made in recovery.

Breaking the Cycle

To overcome these challenges, it’s essential to address the underlying need for control and reassurance. Hypnosis can help individuals let go of the need for constant control and find a new sense of safety within themselves. By learning to embrace periods of calm without fear, they can make significant strides in their recovery journey.

Accepting the New Normal

A crucial part of overcoming health anxiety through hypnosis is learning to embrace the new normal—living without the constant presence of anxiety. This involves retraining the mind to accept and appreciate periods of symptom-free living, allowing for genuine progress and lasting change.

The Process of Hypnosis

who do you want to be?

Deciding Who You Want to Be

You will eventually have to make a decision about your identity. You have to make a conscious choice about who you want to be and then fully embrace that. Making this choice is crucial to your healing process. A vital first step for people with health anxiety is to start surrendering control, which hypnosis allows us to do.

The Power of Letting Go

You fully allow yourself to relax and become engrossed in what you’re doing when you’re under hypnosis. The procedure cannot work without this degree of immersion. Through complete engagement with the hypnotic state, you create new avenues for transformation and recovery.

Becoming an Observer

You can become an observer of your thoughts and bodily symptoms if you can reach this degree of immersion. Because it fosters a sense of separation from the anxiety and its symptoms, this observing approach is quite effective. Your symptoms no longer overwhelm you; instead, you start to see them as peripheral, lessening their influence on your day-to-day activities.

The Function of Dream Sequences

Your subconscious mind is reorganized and renegotiated when you are in a hypnotic state. Hypnosis, when used deeply, can reduce health anxiety by treating the underlying problems that cause it. This rearranging facilitates the release of pent-up emotions and previous traumas, changing your understanding of your symptoms and lessening their power over you.

Bringing About Durable Change

The ultimate purpose of hypnosis is to modify your perception of and response to your symptoms in order to bring about long-lasting transformation. Hypnosis may relieve the health anxiety patterns that have been preventing you from moving forward if you completely embrace the procedure and make a decision about who you want to be. You can now go forward with a calm and collected sense of control thanks to this metamorphosis.

The Job of Hypnosis

job of hypnosis

Rearranging and Resolving Unconscious Behaviors

Hypnosis’s job is to reorganize what’s going on, renegotiate past memories, discharge stored emotions in your body, and get you to a place where you can begin perceiving your symptoms differently. This process is crucial for those suffering from health anxiety as it helps to address the root causes rather than just the symptoms.1

Changing Attitudes

Imagine waking up tomorrow and viewing your symptoms as normal—no longer threatening or overwhelming. When hypnosis alleviates these negative perceptions, you can stop avoiding everything, stop seeing yourself as a sufferer, and start living your life more fully. This newfound freedom allows you to engage more fully with life and pursue your goals and passions.

Attitudes Towards Hypnosis


Having the Correct Mentality

When it comes to employing hypnosis for health anxiety, there are a few mindsets to adopt. Begin by convincing yourself, “I know it will work for me.” Having this mindset as you approach your hypnotic session or self-hypnosis is crucial. After then, expect it to function for you. 50 percent of the fight’s participants anticipate it to work. Finally, believe that it will help you. Hypnosis works best when you’ve taught yourself to believe these notions.

The Influence of Hopeful Expectations

Anticipating that hypnosis would help you overcome your health concerns is an important step in the process. A positive and confident attitude when entering hypnosis provides an atmosphere conducive to healing and transformation. Believing in the efficacy of hypnosis may considerably boost its power, making it an important part of your recovery process.

Ineffective Attitudes

Neutrality, Hope, and Indifference

These three attitudes—hoping it works, not caring if it works, and being indifferent about it—occur when hypnosis is ineffective. Hope, apathy, and neutrality are poor approaches to treating health anxiety. You’ve been impartial about everything you’ve done recently to deal with your health concerns, but it hasn’t been successful. Try adopting a different mindset and see the results.

Believing in Healing

What if you came to believe that mending was simple? Instead of constantly talking yourself out of healing and speaking in this manner to others, what if you truly felt that healing was easy? Spend as much time telling yourself that mending is easy as you spend telling yourself how difficult it is. Make a significant step forward today.


Concluding Remarks on Health Anxiety Hypnosis

Hypnosis for health anxiety does work, but you must have the right mindset and attitudes going forward. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Please head on over to https://brain-retraining-masterclass.gr-site.com/ , fill out the opt-in form, get my newsletter every Friday, and I can’t wait to see you soon.


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